A practical approach for success

Dream. Design. Dwell.

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Deciding to venture down the road and build your own masterpiece can be a heart pounding aha moment. When you take this significant milestone to Bedwell Custom Builders, count on getting more than someone who converts your dream into a sturdy framework. Before hammer hits nail, your design is optimized for high performance by leaning on building science methodologies, integrating conservation practicalities (Best Management Practices) and injecting flair (client-driven style) with architectural details. 

“For every project, we go to great lengths to maximize land use and minimize land improvement costs all while reducing environmental impact. As a client’s plan unfolds, one of my favorite things is seeing the look on their faces when the design comes to life with architectural details that highlight the landscape.”

Perry Fuller, Vice President

Watch your unique vision unfold into a quality structure that functions efficiently for a lifetime.  Our holistic approach uses building science as a means to understand and predict building capabilities and prevent missteps. As we work toward accommodating a client’s wish list, success is guided by these principles and supported by our work ethic.