Dig into your happily ever after

With Help from our
Design/Build Team

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With a finalized blueprint, it’s time to prep the stage, break ground and build a foundation for lifelong happiness. We’ll share your vision with the design team of architects, engineers and builders and develop an action plan. As the project gets underway, you will be actively involved during every phase of the process. Regular updates and construction milestones will be shared until we reach the grand finale and say, “Welcome to your new dwelling!”

Ready for your groundbreaking?

Bedwell Custom Builders is excited to start a conversation and learn more about your project. Your vision can become a reality when you partner with us. Dream. Design. Dwell.

“Behind the scenes, there are many gears in place to get your project launched on time and on budget. Defining a precise action plan is vital to success. We map out a meticulous purchase schedule and keep the design team updated with timelines and potential hiccups.”

“Over the years I’ve developed great relationships with our vendors. We rely on them heavily to deliver materials when we need them and keep us informed when there’s a change in plans. I enjoy organizing all the moving parts of a project – it’s a well-oiled machine!”

Zack Bedwell, Production Manager