Develop A Cohesive Plan TOgether

Your Vision Never Looked
So Good

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A Guiding Hand

Undertaking a new building project can be overwhelming. Land, design and financing – oh my! When it comes down to it, your investment is our investment. That’s why every Bedwell Custom Builders’ project begins with an in depth client meeting. You do the talking and we do the listening. Tell us about your vision – where and how do you want to grow? Let’s decide together if we’re a good fit.

Site Location

Got land? No problem. Need land? No problem. We can help you find the perfect parcel. Our job is to share the pros and cons for each site location being considered and how it complements the architecture of your vision.

Design Blueprint

If you need direction and guidance, we can support you every step of the way. If you only need implementation, we are good taskmasters. Either way, collaboration along the way is key.


Bedwell Custom Builders has a network of lender connections ready to finance land, construction or both. Together, we can develop an overall plan that meets your budget, timeframe and project parameters.

Time To Brainstorm!

Write down all your ideas and questions. Add details, Instagram pics, Pinterest boards. We can toss around options until we arrive at a cohesive plan that works for you.